Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Welcome to My Brave New World

This is it. My entry into a brave new world. I've been challenged and will take the gauntlet that has been thrown down....

I've been writing on bits of notebook paper and memo pads for years. I am a writer- with exceptionally low self-esteem. So, all of those books and papers and articles sit in dusty folders. Most shoved into ancient metal file cabinets or lost on large-unviewable floppy discs. Why? Because somewhere deep inside I don't believe anyone gives a hoot about what I have to say!

This argument crops up again and again with my beloved husband of 21 years. He, unlike myself, believes lots of people would be interested in what I have to say. He listens to me whine about how I want to be a published writer. He's been encouraging me for years to "just do it."

(Note: OK, so I have had some Letters to the Editor published and every boss I've ever worked for has had me edit their reports, articles, etc many of which DID get published -with their byline! Not to mention the years spent writing press releases for every non-profit group known to man. And true, I do have a degree in Mass Communication. And even more, I got an "A" from the hardest journalism professor in college. But I digress- a fatal habit!)

Then came the advent of the blog. Now the plot thickens. Hubby is a huge fan of political blogs. He mentions to me that I should blog. That would give me an outlet to express myself and SEE if anyone is interested. Now, I'm fairly techno-friendly. I can e-mail. I can buy stuff on-line. I even have a passionate love-hate relationship with Microsoft Word. But write my inner-most thoughts for all of the flippin' world to see - what, is he nuts?! I haven't even READ any blogs. How can I possibly write one?! I wouldn't even know how to start.

"Fine," I say during our latest tussle about this, "You've got 15 minutes before you leave for work. Show me how to do it and where and I'll start a blog."

Dang it.
He did.
So here I am.
Writing a blog.
And it was easy.
Darn - he's right.

(Do you have any idea how many oatmeal cookies I'm going to have to bake to thank him for this!!)

Now I am an official blogger. I leapt into the abyss- and it didn't even hurt.

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Joshua said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt first post! You read like you have been doing this for years. I really look forward to reading your blog!