Monday, May 12, 2008

Time Flies - so HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

Ah, yes. It has been many moons since I last wrote. What happened? Life, baby!

Today is Mother's Day 2008. I spent my day - well - being Mom. It was the final day of the competitive season for my daughter's dance team. High anxiety, as she has a ten second off stage costume change to complete during this number. I am happy to report - all went well. She hit the stage fully clothed. Although her team got whipped by a much higher caliber (and I might add - scantily clad) studio - the girls danced their hearts out! They did end up placing third in their category. Yippee! Alas, my perfect Mother's Day plan of breakfast in bed followed by being waited on hand and foot by my adoring family went out the door. But, truly, nothing can compare to the joy on my daughter's face as she hip-hopped and jazzed her way across that stage. What mother doesn't want their child to follow their passion?

So for all of you supermom's out there I submit the following....

Here's to you - for the dishes, the laundry, the neverending carpools, the diaper changes, the run to Wal-mart @ 9:55pm for the poster board they must have to finish the project they've know about for 3 months but is due TOMORROW; for soccer games, dance competitions and Boy Scout campouts that fall on Mother's Day; for fevers at 3:00am, for boyfriends and girlfriends, hair dye and driver's training; for all the gray hair, saggy boobs, Target clothes for us when they must have that new shirt from Abercrombie; for trips to Chuck E. Cheese (you earn double points for this if you go on a Saturday!), class field trips, PTA meetings and school fundraisers; for everything they do or put you through - would you change a thing? NO! Because in the end watching the sweet head lay upon the pillow at night or the day they wrap their arms around you and plaster your cheek with a milky kiss, the pure joy of childish giggles or even a simple "Thanks, mom" makes is all worthwhile. So - here's to you - SUPERMOM'S. Even if they don't say it now, I will - You are Awesome!

Have a very happy, blessed and special Mother's Day!